Who Should Attend?

Think on Your Feet® is for everyone. 


Think on Your Feet® is designed for anyone looking to enhance their communication skills. We cater to all levels of professions — whether you’re a senior executive, manager or just starting out in your career.

Participants range from a variety of different fields and industries including:





Over the years, we’ve asked our participants why they chose Think On Your Feet®.

Their goals include:

  • To be more persuasive
  • To answer questions and answers effectively
  • To answer the complex more clearly
  • To handle their fear of public speaking
  • To learn advanced speech and debate techniques

You can also earn Professional Development Units (PDUs) from Think on Your Feet®. Participants are eligible for qualified PDUs from accredited associations and certificate programs.

Please call us at 1-800-862-2429 to see if Think on Your Feet® is accredited by your industry association.