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by Shaheen Mohiuddin, Manager, Content Operations, Thomson Reuters on Think on Your Feet®

I attended a company-sponsored 2 day workshop for Think on Your Feet several years ago and apply what I learnt to this day. The workshop is a great mix of fantastic content and easy to apply plans in day-to-day interactions. Above all, it provides ample time to practice, practice and practice! This time is seamlessly stitched into the entire workshop model striking a wonderful balance between learning and implementation. My biggest takeaway is that, at the end of the course, you not just have the tools to communicate effectively, but have also applied them in multiple scenarios and built proficiency in doing so.

by Joann Nelson, Principal, Rooted Resolve on Think on Your Feet®
Joann Nelson, Principal, Rooted Resolve

“I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to become a more effective communicator. You will learn and put into practice different techniques to present ideas with clarity, brevity, and impact. I wish I had taken this course years ago!”

by Gaby Lahti, Research Technician III, National Renewable Energy Laboratory on Think on Your Feet®
Gaby Lahti, Research Technician III, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

“I really appreciated the guided structures in ToYF (Think on Your Feet®) that I can use to communicate confidently and with clarity.”

by Pia Wastenhofer, Manager AM, Verizon Media on Think on Your Feet®

“Precise and usable tools that are very memorable to put into practice. One of the best trainings I have attended in 6 years…”

by Hannah C. Gunderman, Ph.D. Geography, Research Data Management Consultant, Carnegie Mellon University Libraries on Think on Your Feet®

Tracy Graf was motivating, inspiring, kind, and helpful. I have very good memories of the two workshops she held for us, and I continue to use the tips I learned in the workshops in my daily communication at work.

by Ryan Splenda, Business & Economics Librarian, Carnegie Mellon University on Think on Your Feet®

I can honestly say that this was one of the best trainings I’ve ever attended. The instructor was fabulous and truly cared about what she was doing. There was an excellent mix of content and practice, which is oftentimes a very tricky thing to nail down. The exercises were FUN which helped me remember the key concepts from the training. I can tell you that what we learned in the training has stuck with me and has changed my thinking when I go into meetings or run into people.

by Kimberley Downey, Global Affairs Canada on Think on Your Feet®

“I took the “Think on Your Feet” workshop several years ago, and remember thinking then, that it was the first workshop where I would immediately (and easily!) be able to put to use the tools we were given. The plans are concise and easily adaptable to any organization or culture. I have relied on them so consistently over the years that I hardly notice I am using them anymore - they have become so ingrained in my approach. The monthly tips are an added bonus, providing contextual examples to realistic scenarios. I keep them in a notes folder in my icloud, and refer to them often when I am explaining a TOYF plan to a coworker. I urge anyone hesitating to sign up for a workshop to take the plunge. I did, and have never regretted my decision - it was one of the biggest ROI in my career.”

by Ashley Denuzzo, Multimedia Specialist, Coca-Cola Canada on Think on Your Feet®

Think on Your Feet® has quite literally been one of the most useful workshops I have ever taken. I am so thankful to have been trained in this program so early in my career as it has given me the tools needed to communicate effectively in any situation. In fact, I landed my "dream job" thanks to the techniques I used from TF in my interview. My (now) director has told me that out of the other applicants, my interview stood out because I was clear, coherent and got to the point quickly. Think on Your Feet® really, really works!

by Participant, Texas Instrument on Think on Your Feet®

“I got a list of many techniques to improve my communication and persuasion skills. It completely blew it out of the water, beyond expectations. Very entertaining and informative.”

by Bill Rigakos, Director Capital Markets Supervision, OFSI on Think on Your Feet®

Great course for organizing your thoughts and speaking effectively.

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