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Think on Your Feet®
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 by Stephanie Hornby, Department of National Defence

"The course was informative, but also fun and engaging. I am not someone who enjoys off the cuff presentations but this helped me be much more comfortable. The different types of practice helped to ease stress and allowed me to be ok with making mistakes. Heather made the course enjoyable and inviting. Her topics and approach were relatable. I would recommend this course to anyone who is delivering important messages quickly. Anyone who is in an environment that requires immediate responses or feedback. It is also very useful when we receive challenging questions."

 by Christine Marques, Canadian Coast Guard

"The course was amazing. It is so useful...I loved how much we were able to practice and the feedback from the facilitator. One of the best courses I have taken in a long time. Great flow, facilitation was awesome. Everyone participated, which I haven't seen in a lot of courses. Amazing experience, ability to breakdown things, provides constructive criticism and also assists when you are stuck."

 by Lisa Galvan, Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario

"Invaluable learning as a leader in education, more importantly, as a human amongst humans!"

 by Hannah Scott, Ontario Energy Board

"As someone with a lot of social anxiety when speaking to people, this course was life-changing... I felt so much more comfortable speaking and definitely improved my confidence. A huge shoutout to Perla for upping my confidence and giving me the space to learn and practice new skills."

 by Alex Cocco, Saputo

"Thank you for delivering such a great workshop. I found the time flew by. I appreciate how easy it is to use the tools and apply the concepts on the job. Lara is excellent in presenti­ng the concepts, facilitating our interactions and engaging with the group."

 by Sanjay Kaushal, Munich RE

"Very practical and intuitive program to improvise communication skills by adding plans and bridges to strengthen oral and written communication skills. Thank you!"

 by Margaret "Mikki" Williams , Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute

"This could really change the way we communicate in life."

 by Gwen Wagner, Holman

"Pace of training , content and coach were excellent. Will definitely use the workshop material for more effective communication."

 by Carla El Feghali, Allianz Partners

"Joanne was excellent. The way the workshop is divided with the practice and the logic was really beneficial. very interesting, interactive and dynamic."

 by Yifeng Zhang, Simulation & Optimization Manager

I attended this workshop quite a number of years ago. It is the most useful workshop that has a long-lasting impact on my life. Whenever I am stuck with a speech, an email, or a write-up, some tips that I learnt from the workshop would pop up in my mind to help. I have been reading the email newsletters for years as well. They refresh my memory of the techniques with simple and practical examples.

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