We Are Millennials

Part One: Embrace the Boom


Part Two: A New Brand of Thinking


Part Three: An Opportunity, Not a Threat


Do you hear that rumble?

It sounds like the footsteps of a generation stepping closer and closer to your business.

But many fail to realize that Millennials aren’t a generation that’s about to hit the job market – they’ve been here quite a while and now they’re really starting to make an impact.

Today, there are approximately 2.5 billion Millennials living in the world, and within the next five years they are expected to form half of the global workforce (PwC, Millennials at Work).

However, this generation is not to be feared or dismissed, but rather seen as opportunity to inject fresh ideas into your business plan. Young, enthusiastic, highly educated and technologically savvy, Millennials have the ability to transform the world.

In fact, Millennials are expected to have the same impact as Baby Boomers on politics, the workplace, culture and business (CanadianMillennials.com, R U Ready 4 Us?).

So the question is: where do Gen X and Baby Boomers fit into the Millennial boom? As the colleagues, managers and mentors of this generation, you have a unique opportunity to influence the leaders of tomorrow and capitalize on their potential.

As a special project, we sent our own team of Millennials out on the road to find out what drives this generation’s ambition, how they can be recruited to an organization and more importantly, how to make them stay.

Our three-part web series contains in-depth footage that analyzes Millennial workplace behaviour, goals and interests.

This web series will teach you:

  • Exactly what Millennials want from their employers and careers
  • How Millennial talent, skills and interests can be capitalized on
  • The secret to transforming a Millennial into a high performing leader

Millennials cannot be ignored. Each day, more workers from this generation are entering the workforce and stepping into leadership roles.

They are no longer the “leaders of tomorrow,” but are becoming the leaders of today.

Communication is the top life skill

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