Course Content

Click below to see what a typical 2-day workshop covers:


Learn techniques on how to structure your ideas simply and clearly. In this module you will be able to identify different informal situations and adjust accordingly.
Use three-part plans to place your ideas into a simple, unifying structure. In this module, you will learn how to slow down and organize your thoughts to answer questions fast.
Learn to deal with difficult, high-stake conversations. In this module you’ll learn to make sense out of a mass of facts and explain step-by-step processes. Clearly.
By following the “Rule of Three’s” you’ll learn to create logical pegs to hang your thoughts on. We also teach you how to close arguments effectively.
Metaphors and visual representation will be used to support complex topics. We’ll teach you how to add depth to your message and become more memorable.
Address issues from different viewpoints. Here you practice expressing thoughtfulness and objectivity within your argument. 


Buy yourself enough time to answer the question correctly. In this module, we teach you how to handle those tough questions with clarity and impact. 
Learn how to move from small details to the big picture, handle sensitive information and counter sweeping generalizations.
Deal with controversial topics by negotiating a win-win outcome. In this module, we teach you how to move to action and achieve results.
Show advantages to your listener by presenting benefits, not features. Here, we teach you how to employ the “So What?” test. 
Use examples to increase understanding. You’ll learn how to develop ideas through the use of opposites and explain an idea by cause and effect.
Learn how to tell an engaging story by ensuring all relevant information is included. We teach you the 5Ws as your idea peg and how to combine it with other Think On Your Feet® techniques.
Here, we put your skills to the test and put you in real high-pressure situations where you’re forced to use Think On Your Feet® concepts.


Once you’ve taken Think On Your Feet® you’ll have access to follow-up resources including:

    • TF-FRESH™ – An online refresher module.
  • TF-TIPS™ – Monthly newsletter, providing reminders, tips and ongoing reinforcement of your classroom experience.