Our Story

One simple idea

The Founders

Think on Your Feet International was founded in 1985 by Roger HB Davies, a writer, editor and communication guru who had the vision to take a simple concept and build it into an international enterprise.

The concepts behind Think on Your Feet® were originally developed by Dr. Keith Spicer, a prominent Canadian public figure. He was the first Commissioner of Official Languages of Canada and the former Chairman of the Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).


The Idea

Spicer learned the core 3-part exposé method in Paris, France. He built Think on Your Feet® on this foundation and presented it to senior bankers and accountants who wanted to master their thinking and public speaking skills.

Davies acquired the rights to Think on Your Feet® and began piecing together a professional workshop. The program would soon become the flagship workshop of TFI’s parent company McLuhan & Davies Communications based in Toronto, Canada.


The Global Journey

Think on Your Feet® went international in 1985 when several of the big five accounting companies expressed interest in the workshop.

One of our first clients, Ernst & Young in Australia, shared Think on Your Feet® with the Australian Institute of Management. Their success impressed the Singapore Institute of Management.


The Outcome

Today, Think on Your Feet® is available in over 30 countries and 12 languages. Our global network encompasses over 200 affiliates, partners and trainers.

More than half a million people have taken the workshop and continue to learn the same concepts Spicer penned over 35 years ago.

“Good communication saves time. It’s as simple as that. Master your techniques to get your message across the first time … [that’s] core to our communication training.”

– Roger HB Davies, CEO and Founder of Think on Your Feet International, Inc. 

Every day Think on Your Feet® is delivered somewhere in the world.