New Communication-Skills Workshop Gives Students a Competitive Edge


Business communications experts, McLuhan & Davies, announces the launch of a new communication-skills workshop for students: Think on Your Feet® FOUNDATIONS.

“For years our executive clients have been telling us that our techniques would apply to their children,” says CEO Roger HB Davies.

This coupled with growing interest from affiliates in South Africa, Taiwan and Germany, drove MDC to create a new program for students focussed on developing the most fundamental life skill of their formative years – structured communication.

Think on Your Feet® FOUNDATIONS was piloted on March 3-4, 2015 in Toronto with participants from two prominent independent schools.

“They saw what we were doing as complementary to their existing curriculum and skill development,” Davies says. “This includes coverage of how to profile your audience so you can adjust your content. It also covers structured communication, and performing skill development.”

The workshop reflects the changing demands for students who now need to be prepared for increasingly competitive post-secondary environments. Strong video and face-to-face interviews skills are required to obtain coveted internships, summer jobs and gain acceptance into a school or program of choice.

During the workshop students design a presentation after profiling their audience. They then present and practice their performing skills, while being videotaped. All under the watchful eye of an instructor who provides real-time feedback.

“Skill development of this type is not normally available at the high school level,” points out Nick Kovacs, head of the Upper School at Crescent School in Toronto. “It speaks to parents that are looking for extracurricular skill development to give their children a competitive edge.”

Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. They need to learn how to present their ideas — with confidence. This workshop will be their FOUNDATION to help them grow, to help them show and to help them succeed.
Think on Your Feet® FOUNDATIONS is available now in North America and internationally as of summer 2015.

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SOURCE: McLuhan & Davies Communications, Inc.