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by Renishaki Kamal, Founder & CEO Fidget Toys, Ltd. on Think on Your Feet®

Think on Your Feet® has definitely been on the back of my mind ever since I took the course! It's made me share my story in different perspectives; as shown on the cube! This has kept me accountable for keeping an open mind to others' stories, customer/mentor feedback and also keep new conversations interesting. When you're at a networking event, you're typically hit with the same questions and everyone's expecting similar responses... but not from me 🙂

by Rick Seymour, Regional Manager North America, Xref on Think on Your Feet®

This development course was useful for a variety of reasons. It was well organized material that can be applied not only to speaking, but writing as well. The interaction and activity between participants was a great way to showcase the theory in practical, real world situations. Moreover, it helps build confidence and conviction when you need to deliver messages either verbal or written. Our course instructor, Susan, did a great job of making everyone feel comfortable and delivered the curriculum in a thought provoking way. I would recommend this course for anyone who is interested in building confidence or sharpening their communication skills.

by Anonymous on Think on Your Feet®

When making presentations, I used to be unconfident during the presentation even if I have prepared for it. Think on Your Feet® provided me with a simple tool to structure my presentation and thoughts, scaling down the seemingly complex content to simple structures provided by Think on Your Feet®.

by Kate Millard, Marketing Consultant Advertising and Media, Intact on Think on Your Feet®

The Think on Your Feet® workshop provided me with the tools to confidently organize my presentations, emails and off the cuff Q&A responses to be more methodically, sound and clearer to my audiences. The skills also transcend into my daily life too. Two days very well spent!

by Georgia Lihnaki, Human Resources Manager, IPEX on Think on Your Feet®

Think on Your Feet® taught more how to have more impactful conversations. The tools that are taught during the training are simple and Susan is an engaging facilitator. At the end of the course, I felt that I had an anchor to go to during conversations and felt in control during those 30-second elevator pitches. I would recommend this course to anyone that values their own development and the development of the employees in their organization.

by Anonymous on Think on Your Feet®

I now structure almost all written and oral presentations using the techniques I learned in the 'Think on your Feet' workshop.

by Milica S, HR Coordinator on Think on Your Feet®

I participated in this program in the winter as part of my on-boarding with my new company and I loved everything about this course. The instructor was knowledgeable and professional and the content was extremely useful. I only wish I had taken this course a few years ago when I just graduated from college.

by Mike Vitos, Financial Analyst on Think on Your Feet®
Learned a lot

Very useful. You learn a lot in two days that can be brought immediately back to work. It's ideal for anyone who does a lot of public speaking or works with clients and colleagues. Definitely will recommend to my company.

by AJ Nunez, Account Manager on Think on Your Feet®
Great course

The skills I learned in Think on Your Feet will be applied every day in my career. I work with a lot of clients and many times I am forced to answer questions I am not prepared for. After this course I saw immediate results and feel more confident when I'm put on the spot. It's great for public speaking and it's finally taught me to SLOW DOWN, collect my thoughts and be better on my feet. Thanks for the course! It was super helpful 🙂

by Leonard Pecore on Think on Your Feet®
I don't think I've done a more valuable course.

The course helped me take my speaking capabilities to a new level. I lead my business meetings, sales meetings, project meetings and technical meetings more efficiently as a direct result of the course.Think on Your Feet® taught me to keep my thoughts in check and always bring my conclusion back to the focal point of the discussion.I actually had a radio interview the following week on CBC; I was able to organize my thoughts and keep each response concise and to the point. The host played my responses unedited and in completion. What a compliment!A great bonus to the course is that I have taken the strategies I learned and applied them to my writing!I don't think I've done a more valuable course, with such direct benefits, in the last two years. I highly recommend it to all entrepreneurs and anyone in senior management!Thanks for the opportunity to brag about what I've learned!

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