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by Milica S, HR Coordinator on Think on Your Feet®

I participated in this program in the winter as part of my on-boarding with my new company and I loved everything about this course. The instructor was knowledgeable and professional and the content was extremely useful. I only wish I had taken this course a few years ago when I just graduated from college.

by Mike Vitos, Financial Analyst on Think on Your Feet®
Learned a lot

Very useful. You learn a lot in two days that can be brought immediately back to work. It's ideal for anyone who does a lot of public speaking or works with clients and colleagues. Definitely will recommend to my company.

by AJ Nunez, Account Manager on Think on Your Feet®
Great course

The skills I learned in Think on Your Feet will be applied every day in my career. I work with a lot of clients and many times I am forced to answer questions I am not prepared for. After this course I saw immediate results and feel more confident when I'm put on the spot. It's great for public speaking and it's finally taught me to SLOW DOWN, collect my thoughts and be better on my feet. Thanks for the course! It was super helpful 🙂

by Leonard Pecore on Think on Your Feet®
I don't think I've done a more valuable course.

The course helped me take my speaking capabilities to a new level. I lead my business meetings, sales meetings, project meetings and technical meetings more efficiently as a direct result of the course.Think on Your Feet® taught me to keep my thoughts in check and always bring my conclusion back to the focal point of the discussion.I actually had a radio interview the following week on CBC; I was able to organize my thoughts and keep each response concise and to the point. The host played my responses unedited and in completion. What a compliment!A great bonus to the course is that I have taken the strategies I learned and applied them to my writing!I don't think I've done a more valuable course, with such direct benefits, in the last two years. I highly recommend it to all entrepreneurs and anyone in senior management!Thanks for the opportunity to brag about what I've learned!

by François Alexandre, Account Executive, CN Railway on Think on Your Feet®

Un des meilleurs séminaires auquel il m’ait été donné l’occasion d’assister. Facile à comprendre, facile à assimiler et aussi facile à utiliser dans toute situation.

by Gary DM Chow, President, Commercial Business, PCCW on Think on Your Feet®

Salespeople need to be able to think on their feet 'everywhere and every time'. This programme helps them build that skill by fine-tuning their ability to structure their ideas and present them persuasively with clarity and impact. In short, Think on Your Feet® makes a difference.

by Richard Arsenault, Senior Learning Consultant, John Hancock Financial Services on Think on Your Feet®

Think on Your Feet® is the cure for rambling speakers. In meetings, presenters can make their point much faster. Managers can use the tools to help staff focus on issues of the day. Content experts can articulate their message in a manner that is listener-centric.

by Isabelle Brun-Buisson, Marketing Manager, CCIG on Think on Your Feet®

Mon métier de directrice marketing m'amène à trouver rapidement les arguments qui vont convaincre. Cette formation m'a donné une boîte à outils dans laquelle je peux puiser dans une situation de communication d'urgence par exemple pour m'adapter à un contexte, un profil d'interlocuteur, et à un thème.

by Michael D on Think on Your Feet®

Think On Your Feet® definitely renewed a belief that there are still good training programs out there that can impact the quality of communication in the workplace.We first ran a class through this last year, comprised of people from sales, operations, engineering, marketing and other ancillary groups. Universally, the feedback was positive and most important, the people who went through it continued to use the tools from the class and had a sort of post-graduate language that only other Think on Your Feet® alumni seemed to understand. We noticed how the participants had changed their style of communication and were much clearer and more organized in their delivery of content.Recently, I went through the class and find myself practicing the skills from the course, both through force of habit, but also through the value inherent in the communication style and structure. People have commented on the difference in a very positive way.Put simply, I think the course content is unique and rallies the notion of common sense to its aid in making a case for the use of better and more concise conversations. As you know, training dollars are at an all-time premium and extracting tangible value from the courses you invest in is critical.This course has definitely won my organization over.

Amazing course!

I took this workshop in October of 2015 and continue to use it every day. It helps me stay focused, structured and allows me to communicate with my colleagues efficiently. Loved it!